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  • 1995

    University Hall was formally declared a historical monument by the Antiquity and Monument Office of Hong Kong on 15 September 1995.

  • 1954

    University Hall, HKU

    In 1954 the University of Hong Kong purchased the Nazareth from the French Mission for the purpose of setting up undergraduate students’ hostel there.

    When alteration completed in two years, the chapel was converted into a dining hall and the crypt became the common room.

  • 1895

    Nazareth House

    The French Mission redeveloped Douglas Castle into the Nazareth, a facility for missionaries from all over Asia to rest and refresh.

    When completed in 1896, Nazareth had a new complex block of dormitory, chapel and printing workshop attached to the old Douglas Castle main building.

  • 1861

    Douglas Castle

    A renowned merchant Douglas Lapraik obtained the small hill by the side of the Pokfulam Reservoir under construction. He built on the top of the hill his home, the Douglas Castle.

    The cross-shaped tower walls symbolized that crossbow-men were ready to shoot arrows any time from behind the embattled parapets.

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