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Hello Fresh!

University Hall is a student residence of the University of Hong Kong designated for male. Young Men residing here are usually called as “Castlers” as they are veritably living in a grand, castle like building.

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Join our Touch Camp!

So ready to be a Castler? Our Touch Camp will be held from 11th August to 12th August this year. In an attempt to providing an opportunity for freshmen to experience our traditional hall life such as high table dinner in University Hall. All freshmen from the University of Hong Kong are welcomed to join this fruitful camp.


Three new ball games namely hockey, softball and lacrosse are the main way to promote sports in University Hall. What we share not only the glory we gain in inter-hall competitions, but also the bitter and sweet we go through while achieving our goals and pursuing self improvement.

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Besides sports, University Hall devotes great effort to development of cultural teams that provide multiple ways for the students to learn and experience. Through Debate Team, we aim at giving our students a vision with higher dimension and improving their verbal expression by eloquence. Through Bridge Team, we offer a special channel for our students to exercise their creativity and better their memory. Apart from the cultural teams mentioned above, Choir and Drama also enrich our students’ cultural experience.

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Current Affairs

Making a difference in the society is never an easy task after graduation. Therefore having a deep reflection on different social issue is of equal importance to exercising social service.
Current affairs forum are held regularly which aim at having a better understanding on local and international social issues such as General Polling on Constitutional Reform, June Fourth Incident, and Arab Spring. Our Current Affairs Committee also organised a T-shirts sale for commemorating June Fourth Incident at the end of April this year which received a delighting response.

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Social Service

We strongly believe that university life is more than academic, entertainment and extracurricular activities. Social Service should play an important role as well.
In an attempt of cultivating university students with social responsibility, we often encourage our students to engage in social services to give a helping hand to the needy. Last year our Social Service Committee held a photography workshop for children to master the basic skills of photo taking. Besides, we organised a “Newcomer Week” in the campus which lasted for a week, to give the students of the University of Hong Kong, by means of photographic exhibition and debate competition, a better understanding on adversity of the newcomers and the needy in Hong Kong.

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Facility Features

University Hall has the dormitory rooms with largest area among different halls in the University of Hong Kong, types of which are twin rooms, triple rooms and quad rooms. Nevertheless, we are not bounded by the walls between rooms. Students from different rooms often stay together at night for a deep chat or have a nice sleep after chit chats. Where can we find brotherhood? U Hall of course!

We may not have the greatest number of books storage in our hall library. However, the historic conference table, which is provided for studying and formal meeting had been through numerous of summers and winters with Castlers.

The retreat house in the past is now our Common Room. In there we can play snooker with a brand new snooker table, work out with sophisticated fitness machines and watch television on comfortable sofas.

Information Day Special

We are thrilled to have you all interested in HKU and possibly joining us in the near future. We encourage you to explore and know more about HKU, no matter if it is about academic issues, halls, societies and all the other great things HKU has to offer.

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