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We dwell beyond capability


The beautiful and decorative cast iron spiral staircase at the corner of the chapel connects the three floors and facilitates speedy commute.

The chapel (Dining Hall) has a tied timber beam roof. The pitched construction was supported by bow timber trusses resting on symmetrically placed vaulting shafts. The roof was covered with Chinese tiling.

As was common in England, flamboyant windows are characterized by flowing and flame-like tracery. A Tudor arch flanked with slender columns under the grand stair in the main facade led to the ground floor of the dormitory block.

Below the chapel (Common Room) was a crypt, where massive stone round columns and the heavy lines of ribbed vaults and continuous imposts supported the heavy loading of the chapel above.

The three Statues have been with the Castle at the front of it since it was built in the 1800s. However, nobody touches them. Why? There’s also a story behind their Chinese name.


Hall mates of University Hall enjoy a lot of welfare; some facilities are rather rare among the Halls of the University of Hong Kong.

  • Band Room

    There are various musical instruments such as guitars and drums for music lovers to gather and play as a band. It is also a place for them to promote music in the hall.

  • Gymnasium

    As some Hall mates are keen on physical training and doing exercise, the various gymnastic machines and dumbbells are among the most popular facilities of the Hall.

  • Snooker

    This is for sure a fantastic facility! Don’t miss the chance of playing snooker in a Castle which is built more than 100 years ago.

  • Table Football

    It is another popular activity among Hall mates. When there are functions to be held in common room, an exciting football match may be the prelude of them!

  • Big TV

    Hall mates can enjoy a big screen when they watch high definition football matches, various channels or DVDs.

  • Table Tennis

    There are tables in the Common Room for table tennis purposes, which are always open for Hall mates to use.

  • Dining

    Our Hall runs our own catering service, which is in the Dining Hall. Hall mates use meal coupons for meals, refreshments and drinks.

  • Vending Machines

    There is a vending machine on B floor which sells drinks. It is quite popular among Hall mates outside normal hours of the catering service.

  • Pantry

    There are two pantries on A floor and C floor respectively. Hot plate and microwave oven are provided.

  • Co-op store

    Co-op is established to sell foods and drinks to Hall mates for their convenience especially when hall mates need refreshment in the evening.

  • Newspaper Room

    There is a vast variety of newspapers and magazines for you to broaden your horizons or just have a leisure reading.

  • Library

    Every year when hall mates come or leave UHall, they donate some books to the library to enrich the collection. It also provides a quiet corner for studying.

Casterls, we go with Brothers