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Our Spirits

Today, the University Hall spirit of fraternity, loyalty and trust is more important than ever. For at no time has the University’s future success been so dependent on the support of those who believe in it, and who treasure what HKU stands for. Generation after generation of Castlers have continued to uphold the outstanding spirit of loyalty to their Hall and to the University. — Professor Lap-che TSUI
past Vice-Chancellor, the University of Hong Kong

With its architectural excellence, the castle remains the west “Out Post” of HKU. The past half a century saw over 2,000 “Castlers” spending unforgettably happy times in University Hall before assuming key positions in the society. Every “U Hallite” or “Castler” has a common and unique character, the “U-Hall Spirit”, which is the tight brotherhood bondage towards excellence and unfailing support to U Hall. — Mr TONG Chun-wan

The comradeship of the University Hall is responsible in a major way to my participation in the fellowship of Academic and Profession Bodies and my passing in involving in my numerous Public Services. — Mr LEONG Che-hung, GBS, JP

My five years spent in University Hall as a medical student from 1960 to 1965 was most memorable because the fellow Hall mates all had unique character and relate to each other like a big family. — Mr C. Y. LEONG, John, OBE, JP

It was during those years living in U Hall that we all fostered out abilities to influence, motivate, share and contribute toward the achievement of common goals – in short, it was where leadership began, Congratulations to U-Hall! — Mr YIP C. T., Stanley

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